A very few highlights from over the years ...

      Working on a DARPA grant with a Sandia Laboratories spin-off company we researched toy industry sources to provide low-cost platforms for special function robots that employed proprietary swarm technology for military and humanitarian (de-mining) uses.
     For the Danbury Mint's direct mail ​​​​Chatty Cathy collector editions, we developed a mechanism that married the original pull-string voice activation with state-of-the art electronics so the phrases could be accessed the old way .. but with a new clarity and ease provided by the electronics hidden inside.

     We also handled voice talent and song rights clearance.

Awarded a DOTY in Doll Reader Magazine.
      We designed this collectible bear line for Papel Giftware and it debuted to sellout success.
Noted as one of the best bear designs of the year by Giftware News.
     We researched then purchased the Ideal Doll image and trademark for the popular nostalgic doll, "Toni," and licensed it to Robert Tonner for a successful four-year program.
   First with Tyco Toys, then with Mattel, we initiated and negotiated the direct mail program creating porcelain commemoratives of the Ideal Doll Nursery inventory for The Danbury Mint.

   We assisted product development and handled licensor approvals.  This program ran an unprecedented ten years and garnered many awards and much special mention.
    With the help of Sandia National Laboratories, we developed a new technology that adds eye and mouth animation to 2D and 3D objects.

  We were granted a patent for TechTalk in 2014, and have passed further development to our new company, HBN-DSN.
Valerie Heilbron, Principal Designer and President of both Heilbron Associates and HBN-DSN started assembling her group of artists, engineers, product design, marketing and licensing professionals in 1985 after leaving Coleco Industries.

Her interdisciplinary arts training – in art, story writing, music is a natural fit for toy invention and design and coupled with her experience in project management promotes a strong focus on both imaginative constructions and problem solving.   Over the years, many companies have licensed the groups’ inventions and designs and also called on us to consult in a variety of capacities.  The group says current on all – or most! – popular licenses and knows the defining criteria for each.

Starting in 2015 Heilbron Associates began forging partnerships overseas so the group could broaden the scope of its deliverables and at the same time refocus its work on patentable technologies, systems and designs.

With a new focus and new partners, it made sense to organize into a new business – and that’s just what we did.  Our new company, HBN-DSN, now holds all intellectual property and latest projects.

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                                                                                                                    A partial list of our clients
Kurt Adler • Applause • Collegeville/Imagineering – Hallmark Cards • The Danbury Mint • Effanbee Doll • The Hamilton Group • Lenox Collections • Mattel • MGA Entertainment • Papel Giftware• Royal Doulton • Silvestri • Fitz & Floyd • Spin Master • Three Jays Imports • What Kids Want • Regency International Celebration Designs